new URL, old rule coming back

So, Vincent Fleury always unable to deal with the scientific content of his publication seek other means to shut down critics.

It will be rather difficult.

In the mean time, an old rule I had to install for coffee&sci and dloale is back and this time it is applied in a wider scale. Vincent Fleury’s comments will not be accepted in any of my blogs except if there is a copy sent by e-mail previously, CCed to his boss ; nowadays Jean-Marc di Meglio. 😉 As it is all about science Dr di Meglio should be interested.

It is not that I don’t want his comments to appear here, I’ll be happy to see his replies and answers to comments and questions. Usually it’s fun stuff and it would be sad to miss it.
It’s just necessary to refrain his childish ways to behave and oblige him to focus on the subject rather than desperately trying to change it.

So Dr Fleury, your comments are to be moderated by your boss, not by me 😉 Whatever he accepts I’ll accept.
By the way, I wonder, is he aware of the content of your website?